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Do you deliver to my post code?
You can check this by entering your postcode to get a quotation on our website. If we do not deliver in your area, it will not give you a quotation.

When will my oil be delivered?
Our standard delivery times are within 3 working days (Monday-Friday).

Do you offer a quicker delivery service?
We have several delivery options including Priority delivery, for delivery within 2 working days and Express delivery, next working day (only if ordered before 4pm).

Can you do ‘through house’ deliveries?
Yes, but a disclaimer must be signed before the delivery is made.

What if I want my tank filled up?
If you want your tank filled, order the maximum number of litres you think your tank will hold and put a note on the order to fill tank.

What if my tank does not hold what I have ordered?
If your tank does not hold what you have ordered, you will only be charged for what your tank does hold at the rate closest to the number of litres you received.

What if you are unable to make the delivery?
If we are unable to access the property or the oil tank is locked, we will make alternative delivery arrangements for which there may be a £20 charge.

What if I require a mini tanker (4 wheeler) for restricted drive way?
We have mini tankers available, to request this service please add mini tanker to your delivery notes.

If I wish to contact you regarding an order I have placed?
Please contact Heat Direct via email at

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